First Strike T15 A1 Airsoft Conversion Kit*

First Strike T15 A1 Airsoft Conversion Kit*


Turn your First Strike T15 Paintball marker into an airsoft bb firing machine! The T15 A1 Conversion kit allows you to turn Generation 4 T15 into an airsoft rifle! Just hook up your favorite low pressure air system, via running a remote line or directly into the ASA and you’re ready to shoot. The efficient mechanical system has a shot count of 2000+ rounds per tank (48 cubic inches @3000psi). The body is made out of a high grade cast aluminum and is manufactured to the tightest tolerances. Featuring a robust valve system isolated from the striker/bolt assembly, the operator can separate the upper from the lower safely without the need to de-gas the system, i.e. remove the tank/air source. No batteries required which means the First Strike T15 A1 is suitable for play in all types of weather.



  • Fully pneumatic operation

  • Works on First Strike T15s Serial Numbers above 11,000

  • High quality cast aluminum receiver

  • Free Float Handguard

  • 2000+ shots per fill (48ci 3000psi)

  • Realistic 2 pin disassembly

  • Functioning charging handle

  • Mil-Spec Delta Ring threads

  • GBB/real steel compatible grip

  • GBB Outer Barrel

  • High Capacity polymer Magazine

Accepts AEG Flash Suppressors, Hop Up Rubber, Magazine, and Inner Barrel.





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