First Strike Merc 48/3000 HPA Tank

First Strike Merc 48/3000 HPA Tank


The First Strike™ Merc Air Systems provides a perfect compact profile and adjustability that will let you stay in the game longer. The FS Merc regulator provide a consistent, re-buildable, and reliable air source for any paintball marker.


The FS Merc Air Systems carry a UN ISO certification, one of the highest standards in bottles. They still require a hydro test every 5 year for safety but there is no limit to the number of tests and this bottle can truly last a lifetime.



  • 48 cu 3000 PSI Tri-Label UN ISO Certification

  • Lifetime use bottle (endless hydro-testing on bottle)

  • Dual Burst Discs for added Safety

  • Re-buildable Regulator

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