Euro Super Game 2022

Ben Larson 2022 Jan 15th

Euro Super Game 2022

Lake Forest, IL (January, 2022) — First Strike® and Battleground, two leaders in the paintball industry and vanguards of magfed paintball, are excited to announce a five-year collaboration agreement for the world dominating Euro Super Game. This four-day pure magfed event will be held in Brozek, Poland, May 26-29, 2022.

The Euro Super Game will feature a variety of magfed courses, side events, night games, big games, and real tanks on the battlefields. This exciting event will host an international audience of paintball enthusiasts from around the globe and will feature the industry’s most effective projectile, First Strike Rounds. 

“We are proud and excited to enter this long term partnership with Bertl and Battleground for the Euro Super Game,” said Ben Larson, director of sales for First Strike®. “They have proven time and time again to provide an incredible game play experience though their other industry leading open class events. We are confident that this event will prove to be the international flagship “magfed only” event that our community desires.” 

Bertl Wolowitz, from Battleground Paintball said "I am very proud to create the Euro Super Game in cooperation with First Strike, the global leader for Magfed paintball products. With this long term partnership, we are able to offer an adventure the magfed community has never seen before. This partbership allows us to create magfed games the community will talk about worldwide.“

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First Strike®, a division of United Tactical Systems®, is a leading manufacturer of magazine fed paintball markers, paintball pistols, HPA systems and the innovator of the fin stabilized First Strike Round™. 

Battleground is Europe’s largest shooting sports and paintball facility with 22 playing fields on 90 hectares. Battlefield also maintains an onsite hotel, restaurant, discotheque as well as paintball, airsoft and outdoor laser tag offering an experience that is unique in Europe and cannot be found anywhere else! Additional info can be found at: