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FS & HyperSports



Lake Forest, Il (April 19, 2018)—First Strike® and Hypersports, two leaders in the paintball industry and vanguards of magfed paintball, sign exclusive distribution agreement for 2018.

First Strike®, a division of United Tactical Systems®, is a leading manufacturer of magazine fed paintball markers, paintball pistols, HPA systems and the innovator of the fin stabilized First Strike Round™.

Over the last fifteen months, Hypersports has been a great ally of First Strike® through sales, marketing and service support.

“We are excited to add Hypersports to our stable of distributors,” said Ben Larson, director of sales and marketing for First Strike®.  “Simon, Mick and their team have long been a key retail and distribution asset for paintball in their area and in a very short timeframe have proven to be a great asset to the First Strike® brand. They have quickly adapted to support the needs for the Magfed Paintball community.”

Hypersports Sweden is now the exclusive distributor and warranty center for Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and welcome customer requests from inside their territory.

“We saw the Paintball market rapidly changing and knew we needed to adapt with it. Magfed is growing fast and we needed to help it grow by carrying the best equipment in the market!”, said Mick Mjanger, Business Manager, Hypersports Paintball.


Hypersports Paintball started in 1999 as a small park in the woods of Stockholm, Sweden. 19 year later, Hypersports is a leading paintball retailer, distributor and game field in Sweden. They everything you need for paintball at their online shop (www.hypersports.se) and in their physical shop in Stockholm. They also offer magfed only games and normal games at their site (www.spelapaintball.com), the biggest paintball park in Scandinavia.


For more information about First Strike® and all of its products, visit http://www.first-strike.com.

For more information about Hypersports Sweden AB and all of its products and services, visit https://hypersports.se/.

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