FS T9.1 Modular Rifle

FS T9.1 Modular Rifle

Let’s take a minute to talk about our First Strike T9.1 Modular Rifle  and the work horse of a marker that it is. Rugged, reliable, and most importantly, versatile.  Is it a primary or a sidearm? Both?

The T9.1 Modular Rifle Systems


There is a question that  that many magfed player will ask themselves at some point – do I need a new primary? Should I finish my loadout with a sidearm? Having gear that fits the field you’re playing really makes a difference in your ability to dominate. For an event like @Zero Hour V coming up, I prefer a Close Quarters Combat style marker with Full-Auto capability to really contribute in the grind house  environment of that field layout. For something like this past month’s Dominion 3, the T9.1 for a primary performed best.


If you haven’t been to @Jungle Island Paintball Park in Lake Elsinore, California, you’re really missing out, make sure you look up Dominion 4 in 2019. The park is a mix of high peaks, cool buildings, props, and some wide open shots in between. The CQC aspects of the field doesn’t scream dual pistols to me but something small enough to stay as tight as possible. You’ll find yourself at Dominion fighting through a town with your squad and breaking through into open fields where the dynamic of the game changes entirely.

The First Strike T9.1 is adaptable for all types of playing styles,  fields, and abilities. Containing a super reliable blow forward regulated engine, this marker can deliver super accurate shots in any situation. Want a sidearm? It can be that for you. Want a primary? It has you covered.

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–  Scott


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