Special Announcement

Special Announcement

We at First Strike are very excited to announce that ASTM International F1979-10 “Projectiles used in the sport of Paintball” including shaped paintballs has been approved and published!

We would like to thank everyone involved at the ASTM including all the F08 Main committee and F08.24 Paintball subcommittee who helped move this through over the last few years. We would also like to thank all the vocal retailers, field owners and players who joined ASTM to let their voice be heard through votes. An additional thank you to all the retailers, field owners and players who took the time to write, email and call subcommittee members with testimonials about how shaped projectiles have changed the sport for the better.

This is an important 1st step into wider acceptance of shaped projectiles at all our local fields and stores, but remember the battle isn’t over. There has been years of bad information disseminated that needs to be debunked. Our players and game promoters have done a great job discussing the benefits of rounds like FSR and of Magfed paintball in general. All that grassroots support has proven to be critical for success as more fields and games are embracing shaped projectiles and magfed than ever before. There is too many to mention by name, but to all the leading game organizers, players, fields, stores and distributors who have helped to mold Magfed into what is is today, THANK YOU!

Finally a big thank you to David Cady, David Williams and Lou Arthur for providing crucial independent data that proved invaluable as the safety aspects of the shaped paintballs were discussed.

Please reach out to us via messenger or sales@first-strike.com with any questions you may have or help you may need in your area.
I encourage everyone to give themselves a round of applause for this momentous occasion.

Thank you,

Ben Larson
Director of Sales
First Strike

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