FS T15 PDW ‘Brian Sullivan’ Giveaway Winner!

FS T15 PDW ‘Brian Sullivan’ Giveaway Winner!

We pulled the very first FS T15 PDW off our assembly line in Fort Wayne Indiana and laser engraved the signature of Brian Sullivan, the T15 designer and “Godfather of magfed paintball”. Here is the man, the myth, the legend, himself announcing the winner!

After 30 days of mayhem, we’re proud to announce the winner of the First Strike T15 ‘Brian Sullivan’ PDW Edition. And that winner is….Logan Smith. We’ve made sure Mr. Smith resides in the USA by sending a few random Ubers to his provided address. Sorry Logan, we didn’t know how else to confirm your address, hopefully you enjoyed a free ride or two to the park down the street.

We’d like to thank everyone for signing up and showing huge interest in this. I know some of you people outside the USA might be wondering when we plan on opening up contests for you and people like you – the answer is…soon. We’ll be partnering up with a few of our store partners in your region so stay tuned.

Congratulations to Logan Smith.

Scott Quarles
First Strike Dance and Aerobics Coordinator